A few comments about the Unleashed! experience:

You are seriously talented.  That is an awesome photo!  Thank you again – I absolutely love your work. ~Suzanne

You were very patient and we thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone I know. ~Kathy

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with you and your services. The session ended up being way more detailed than I could have imagined. You were willing to listen to what I was going for and you spent the time with me and my three dogs to capture our relationship and bond. The results could not have been better. Now that Lily has passed, I treasure those photos even more. Her personality shines through and I get a smile every time I look at the photos. With the other two getting older and sadly, their time will be coming all too soon I am sure, I know I will be ordering more photos to remember my bond with them as well. The only negative, if you want to call it that, is that the decision in picking out which ones to order has never been easy as they all say something meaningful to me. Thank you again for giving me the best gift which is keeping my dogs with me always. ~Megan

What a great DVD!!! It is such a nice addition to the pictures that will be hanging on our wall.  It is terrific and will be cherished forever. ~ John

The book looks beautiful!  The layout is gorgeous, and I really like the flow. Thanks for doing such a great job. I LOVE the book. ~Aerin

I found my experience with Melissa to be both highly professional and a whole lot of fun, not just for me but for my dog as well! Melissa’s talent, great ideas and fun props created a professional and relaxed atmosphere that allowed myself and my dog to look and feel natural. The resulting photos were so good that my only challenge was choosing which of the great photos to use for my calendar. Melissa is a true artist and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a photographer to capture the essence of their beloved four-leggeds. ~Kira

I was looking at the photos and I couldn’t look at them without laughing and smiling!! You are very good at what you do. I really appreciate your talent, Melissa! ~Eriko

I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous prints. You do such awesome work and I feel so lucky!  Thank you very much. ~Casandra

Melissa…thank you so much for these beautiful photos!  You capture their very essence – they are all so beautiful!!! ~Lorraine 

Thank you so so much for the incredible portrait….  I received it today and when I opened it up, I started to weep from how beautiful he looks.  ~Cathy

They look fabulous, you did an awesome job!   Thanks again… we really appreciate it and they turned out amazing! ~Melanie and Geoff 

I LOVE it!!!  She’s looking right at you! The colours in this are amazing. ~Jodie

Wow! Those are incredible, Melissa. Thanks again, we are very pleased. ~George

Melissa they are awesome and the book layout is simply fabulous! I’m so pleased with the results. I will also need business cards, as I already have people asking for them. We dog lovers, love our dogs! ~Lake