Dog owners seem to be most likely to hire a pet photographer, but it’s always a treat to do a session with cats. I would say I got my start in pet photography because of my own two cats. Cats are endlessly entertaining and so expressive, elegant and mischievous. Cats are tricky subjects to photograph but always worth the extra effort. Cats tend to be free spirits and homebodies, and aren’t usually trained to sit, stay or come back when called.  Cats often take a bit longer to relax and are less predictable, so going with their flow is very important.  Patience is key when working with all kinds of pets but cats need an extra dose to capture their natural expressions. I love it when cats convey that special mix of curiosity, caution, ferociousness and indifference all with one look.

One of the cats I photographed recently died unexpectedly about a week later.  Dugin’s owner let me know how much she appreciates the precious keepsakes we created that day and how glad she is that she didn’t delay our pet portrait session by even one day. It’s gratifying to know that I contribute to lasting legacies of beloved pets in beautiful and meaningful ways.