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Two steps forward…

Hi all – Maddie here!

Just wanted to drop by with an update about my situation. As you’ll recall, last time I let you know that the poking and prodding to check up on my condition was going to stop. Yay! More time for stick chewing! Well that was short lived. This summer I started having brand new symptoms unrelated to my earlier medical adventures. Seems I now have an additional kind of cancer on my pancreas. Because my endocrine system is just that special.

On the upside, I eat 5 times a day! On the downside I’m pretty tired and had to spend the summer trying to stay cool.

unleashed! pet portraits

The medicine I take makes me drink and pee a lot (which by the way is a quick way to lose some weight – hot tip!) and there is talk about trying some chemotherapy soon. I’m told there is not a cure but I’m still here and I’m still fabulous!

Until next time,