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Sweet Seniors

Hi guys, Maddie here! The theme for the international pet photography blog circle is Sweet Seniors this week so I got nominate to write the post for it.  Because I’m so sweet!

I recently celebrated my 10th birthday so ya I’ll admit it, I’m getting up there even if I do get mistaken for a puppy all the time. My strawberry blonde fur hides the grey well. I live with two cats who are 13, way more senior than me (plus they are the bosses). My doggie brother is about 9. If we add up all our ages the total is the age of our photographer friend here. That’s what she gets for making me do her blog – ha!

Our human tries to stay on top of our health stuff. Me and the cat have some arthritis, the other cat has kidney issues, and you know about my little cancer problem. This last week was a busy one in the health department.  First little Buddy was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes so he’s on pills for that now, along with his allergy medicine – welcome to my world, dude!  And then I managed to poke myself with something inside my mouth (probably a tasty stick so probably totally worth it!). It became infected and I spent the whole day at the emergency hospital while they figured it out. Boring! Apparently my human thought it was something worse, she’s been very clingy. That’s one of the downsides of getting older, worried humans! And too many vet visits!

Here’s a photo of me showing how puffy I was when my human noticed there might be something up. I can’t believe I’m showing you guys, I look all lopsided and not my usual perfectly beautiful self. I’m on antibiotics now and the puffiness is gone, but they shaved my neck and left me with stitches where they took a tissue sample from my cheek muscle! I’m a mess (not showing you!) but I’m feeling much better. I’m even hopping around like a kangaroo again, a little something I do to be sure everybody knows how happy I am to be alive.

Unleashed! pet portraits

So now I get to tell you to visit Laura Mclean Photography in Sarnia, Ontario to see what Sweet Seniors are up to over there.

Until next time

Jill - August 23, 2013 - 7:49 pm

So happy to hear it was nothing serious. I know how much your human loves you. <3

Iska - August 23, 2013 - 8:39 am

Even with a puffy jaw you’re beautiful! Now stay away from those sticks and quit worrying your humans 🙂

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