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Serious Matters

Hey all, Maddie here with an update about my “condition”.

As you know from this earlier post when I admitted I had a little problem, and when I gave you all an update last summer, I’ve been under the watchful eye of my human and her team of veterinary medicine professionals.  I’ve had scans and x-rays and blood tests and let me tell you I’ve about had it with being regularly inspected.  But good news!  I’ve still got my lump but it doesn’t seem to be getting bigger and the latest batch of all the other tests came back normal. I heard them say they were going to stop poking at me for a while. I just hope this is true, those vet visits cut into my stick chewing time!

If only the nail clipping would also stop life would be pretty much perfect. Please stop clipping my nails. Stick chewing is so much more important.

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Paige - February 22, 2014 - 1:01 pm

I am so very glad to hear your doing well miss Maddie girl <3