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The Gift of Custom Pet Photography

To a pet, every day is just like Christmas!  They get to play with their favourite toys, eat yummy food, sleep in a cozy bed, go out on walks, and best of all they get to spend time with their beloved humans!  You only have to hear a cat purring in appreciation of their human’s company or see a dog do a full-body tail wag when their owner gets home from work to know that a pet’s parent is their personal Santa every single day.

For most of us humans it comes but once a year and you may be starting your Days-’til-Christmas countdown.  Custom pet portraits are fantastic gifts for the pet lovers in your life.  They give their pets the best of everything, so why not help their pets give back with a special surprise?

This year I’m not offering gift certificates.  As an alternative, let’s do a secret pet portrait session with your favourite person’s favourite pet so you can give them the finished product, wrapped up for them under the tree!  If you can squirrel the pet away without letting the cat out of the bag, we’ll do a pet portrait session as usual in an environment the pet is comfortable in/familiar with.  You’ll review the images online, select the ones you think your favourite person will love the most, I’ll do any final editing on the images and have them printed in the size and medium of your choice, and you’ll have them to gift wrap before Christmas eve.

Sounds like a fun secret project to me!  And it will be so much more personal than a gift certificate.  This will work well for gifting within a family unit, or for good friends who are known to spend lots of time with each other’s pets.  Either way, please be comfortable that the pet parent will be OK with our sneaking around once you reveal their gifts to them.

Here are some product ideas:

  • Holiday greeting cards
  • Hard-bound photo books (book now for this product, they take longer to make and have printed)
  • Medium or large gallery wrap canvas.  At least as big as your TV!
  • A collection of photographic paper prints in various sizes
  • A book, a canvas and a calender
  • Other products you think they will love

Book a pet portrait session with your favourite person’s favourite pet and have the prints in time to surprise them on Christmas. Drop me an email describing your plans to give the gift of custom pet portraits, and we’ll do our pet portrait session no later than December 5.  I have a limited number of openings, so book now to ensure your spot.

And no, your pet doesn’t need to dress up!

Like this idea and want to be the recipient and not the giver?  Share this post with the people who love you most, and drop the hint!